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3billion meet European doctors and researchers of rare disease diagnostics by participating in ESHG 2022

3billion is participating in the 'European Society of Human Genetics Annual Conference(ESHG 2022)' to in Vienna, Austria from June 11 to 14 (local time)…


Diagnostic yield and clinical utility of whole exome sequencing using an automated variant prioritization system, EVIDENCE

Automated variant prioritization system, a breakthrough in the field of rare disease diagnosis Among the 7,000 or more Mendelian diseases identified worldwide so far, more…


3billion Wins in CAGI6, a Global Artificial Intelligence Genome Interpretation Contest

In the 6th CAGI(Critical Assessment of Genome Interpretation) Challenges, a global artificial intelligence genomic interpretation contest, 3billion took first place by predicting the rare diseases…


3billion’s article on EVIDENCE was selected as Top Cited Article in Wiley Online Library

A research paper on 3billion's automated variant prioritization system, EVIDENCE, published in Wiley's Clinical Genetics Journal in December 2020, was selected as the ‘Top Cited Article’…

Life at 3billion

Meet 3billionaires 👋: Interview with AI team leader, Kyoungyeul Lee

Dawn Please introduce yourself. Kyle (Dr. Kyoungyeul Lee) Hello, my name is Kyle, and I am leading the AI team at 3billion. Nice to meet you.…

Life at 3billion

2022 3billion Ping-Pong Championships

I think one of the most interesting research data that has come out of Silicon Valley is that when companies are no longer enthusiastic and optimistic…


3billion was selected as a business operator for the national project

3billion plans to form a consortium with Seoul National University Hospital and Kakao Healthcare to develop an AI integrated software solution for multifaceted analysis of rare…


Rethinking Clinical Practice for Rare Neurodevelopmental Disorders in the Genomic Era

Webinar at the 10th Alexandria Pediatric Neurology Conference Speaker: Dr. Hane Lee, Chief Genomics Officer (CGO) of 3billion 3billion's Chief Genomics Officer, Dr. Hane Lee, presented…

My Odyssey

My Odyssey #14: Siblings diagnosed with Pyridoxine-dependent Epilepsy

Genetic testing, providing answers for two daughters It was a typical day in the summer. I (Anum Shafique) went to locate families with epileptic disorders in…


3billion Company Video: From 3 billion bases to 1 answer

3billion released a company video explaining why rare disease is so difficult to diagnose and how 3billion is solving them. Check out the video and learn…


3billion will be at ACMG 2022

Diagnostic performance of automated, streamlined, daily updated exome analysis in patients with neurodevelopmental delay3billion announced that Chief Medical Officer Dr. Gohun Seo will be introducing a…

Rare Disease Series

Rare Disease Series #27: Sickle Cell Disease

Sickle cell disease (SCD) is a group of rare blood disorders that result in sickled erythrocytes (red blood cells). Such cells have shorter lifespans and look…

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