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We are currently looking for proactive rare disease patients to beta-test our service! If you are interested in learning more about your conditions through genome sequencing, please send a brief email to dhpark@3billion.io


Rare disease screening

More than 7000 rare diseases affect one in 20 people in the world. 80% of rare diseases were caused by genetic mutations. 3billon provides comprehensive rare disease screening service for both hospital and patients. Our service comprises around 4,000 rare diseases. Check out 4,000 rare diseases with one simple test.

Rare disease screening service would be ready in early 2017.


Whole genome/exome sequencing

Whole genome sequencing decodes all 3 billion DNA bases while whole exome sequencing decodes every gene comprising 1.5% of the human genome. We provide both whole genome sequencing( WGS ) and whole exome sequencing( WES ) for decent price with close relationship with Macrogen, a world leading sequencing service provider.


3billion consists of top level bioinformaticians. 3billion engineers developed more than 10 genetic diagnostics, DTC genetics services, and cloud based big genome data storage/managing system, and conducted various researches on genetics, medicine, and healthcare big data. The exceptional expertise of bioinformatics engineering backups the technology behind our products.

Machine learning and deep learning

Machine learning is a key technology in extracting knowledge from big genome data. 3billion applies cutting-edge machine learning technology including deep learing to analyze and interprete genomes.


Changwon Keum
CEO, Product & Engineering
Sehwan Kim
Cofounder, Engineering
DH Park
Cofounder, Marketing & Sales
Jiwon Hur
Chief designer, Product & UI/UX


James Jungkue Lee
CEO, Bridge biotherapeutics
Yoon Sup Choi
Managing Partner, DHP
Junghoon Woo
Manager, KPMG US