End the Diagnostic Odyssey

Genetic testing for rare diseases
made more efficient and more accessible

Collaborated with 200+ entities across 45+ countries

Collaborated with entities across 40+ countries

We are committed to patient care from testing to treatment.

Provide clinical grade testing

Provide clinical-grade testing

Whole exome sequencing-based testing is performed following the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) standards and guidelines.

Provide clinical grade testing

Speed up drug discovery

A team of dedicated scientists and engineers is actively conducting research for treatments.

Provide clinical grade testing

Apply cutting-edge technology

Our AI and sequencing technologies enable us to improve testing efficiency and accessibility.

Provide clinical grade testing

Follow up with more information

New findings are automatically added to our database, allowing us to reanalyze patient data daily and notify you if there are any new gene-disease associations or reclassified variants based on the latest evidence.

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