How should a sample be collected using 3billion’s Buccal Swab Kit?
Last modified: July 21, 2022

Please follow the steps below to properly collect a sample using 3billion’s Buccal Swab Kit:

Do not eat, drink, smoke, or brush teeth for at least 30 minutes before the collection. This is to prevent contamination from food intake or loss of oral epithelial cells through brushing.

Step 1

  1. Massage both cheeks of the patient.

Step 2

  1. Rub one swab between the patient’s cheek and gum 20 times.

Step 3

  1. Break off and place the swab tip into the tube with the preservation buffer.

Step 4

  1. Repeat steps 2-3 for the second swab.

Step 5

  1. Close the lid tightly and gently shake the tube.

Step 6

  1. Label the sample using the sticker.