3billion's test
  • Q.

    How do I order a 3billion's genetic test?

    Unfortunately, patients have to order through a physician. To use our service, please recommend 3billion’s genetic test to your physician.

  • Q.

    When will I get my test result?

    You would receive your test result within 6 weeks from us receiving your sample. The result will be sent to you online.

  • Q.

    How do I get my test result?

    The test result would be sent online to your physician for accurate delivery for you. You will be able to see the result with your physician.

  • Q.

    I failed to get diagnosed with other genetic tests. How do I know if I will be diagnosed with 3billion’s genetic test?

    You could expect to receive a diagnosis from 3billion for following reasons:

    • Average of 20 new rare genetic diseases are discovered every month. If you’ve failed to get diagnosed, there are chances that you will get diagnosed with the newly discovered rare genetic disease.
    • If you have tried a single gene test or panel test, you would know that the tests cover less than hundreds of genetic diseases. 3billion reads all 20,000+ genes, covering all 7,000+ genetic diseases discovered so far.
  • Q.

    What percentage of patients receive a diagnosis?

    About 40% of patients who take our test succeed in getting diagnosed. We are continuously making an effort to raise the numbers with our technology and data.

  • Q.

    If I fail to get diagnosed by a 3billion test, does 3billion provide additional support?

    Of course. 3billion provides lifetime free reanalysis until the patients get diagnosed. You don't need to worry about the inconvenience of reanalysis, for it does not require additional tests.