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Affordable genetic test on 7,000+ rare genetic diseases at once.

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Lifetime reanalysis until diagnosed

Nearly 300 rare genetic diseases are discovered each year.

Patients without successful diagnosis have an increased chance each month, due to consistent reanalysis.

Between 15-30% of undiagnosed patients achieve successful diagnosis by reanalyzing the initial genetic test’s data, due to newly-discovered diseases (Liu P et al., 2019).

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3billion provides clinical genetic testing on all 20,000 genes encompassing 7,000+ rare genetic diseases at an affordable price for patients in need.

The test includes free reanalysis until patients are diagnosed without having to order extra tests for newly discovered diseases.

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Type all symptoms you are experiencing. Need help? Refer below for the most common symptoms:

Intellectual disabilityGlobal developmental delaySeizuresGeneralized hypotoniaShort statureSmall head(Microcephaly)Hearing impairmentAbnormal facial shapeCurvature of spine(Scoliosis)

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  1. Type in all current symptoms you are experiencing in the search box
    • For most accurate results, please use HPO terms
    • The more symptoms you submit, the more accurate results may become
  2. Press the
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  3. After entering your email on the following screen, you will be able to view and download your results
    • Results include diagnostic profiles of patients with similar symptoms
    • Possible disease and/or gene information is also included

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Our genetic test is classified as a clinical diagnostic test, which requires a medical professional to order it.

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