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This gene belongs to the dystrophin superfamily, which is characterized by the presence of four EF-hand motifs and a ZZ-domain. It is a likely ortholog of the Drosophila 'discontinuous actin hexagon' gene. It is noteworthy that the coding region of this gene lacks two coding exons that are found in the mouse ortholog. Human transcripts including these two exons are subject to nonsense-mediated transcript decay (NMD). On the other hand, transcripts skipping the two coding exons are expressed at very low levels. While this gene maintains an intact CDS, it may be an evolving pseudogene. However, after a discussion about this gene within the RefSeq group, as well as in the consensus coding sequence (CCDS) collaboration, it was decided to keep it as a protein-coding gene in the RefSeq, Ensembl-GENCODE and the CCDS sets.

Variant counts

The variants found in rare patients tested by 3billion are classified and counted according to ACMG guidelines. The variants with over 5% variant frequency in population genome databases ( gnomAD, dbSNP, etc) are excluded.

Likely pathogenic
Likely benign

Patient phenotypes

No patients carry pathogenic or likely pathogenic variants on DYTN gene.

Phenotype class
Patients in 3billion (%)

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