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Aeg2, CRISP-3, CRS3, SGP28, dJ442L6.3
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This gene encodes a member of the cysteine-rich secretory protein (CRISP) family within the CRISP, antigen 5 and pathogenesis-related 1 proteins superfamily. The encoded protein has an N-terminal CRISP, antigen 5 and pathogenesis-related 1 proteins domain, a hinge region, and a C-terminal ion channel regulator domain. This protein contains cysteine residues, located in both the N- and C-terminal domains, that form eight disulfide bonds, a distinguishing characteristic of this family. This gene is expressed in the male reproductive tract where it plays a role in sperm function and fertilization, and the female reproductive tract where it plays a role in endometrial receptivity for embryo implantation. This gene is upregulated in certain types of prostate cancer. Alternative splicing results in multiple transcript variants.

Variant counts

The variants found in rare patients tested by 3billion are classified and counted according to ACMG guidelines. The variants with over 5% variant frequency in population genome databases ( gnomAD, dbSNP, etc) are excluded.

Likely pathogenic
Likely benign

Patient phenotypes

No patients carry pathogenic or likely pathogenic variants on CRISP3 gene.

Phenotype class
Patients in 3billion (%)

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