Chromosome 22 and the location of Infantile cerebellar-retinal degeneration related ACO2 gene.
INFANTILE CEREBELLAR-RETINAL DEGENERATION(ICRD) is one of the rare neurodegenerative disorders affecting the brain and eyes.

The disease is derived from the defective ACO2 gene, causing hypotonia, seizures, athetosis, ophthalmologic abnormalities, and global developmental delay.


Map background with silhouette of a baby, and words saying "Infantile cerebellar-retinal degeneration is known to affect less than 1 in 1,000,000 worldwide."
Infantile cerebellar-retinal degeneration is known to affect less than 1 in 1,000,000 worldwide.

The symptoms usually appear from the neonatal period to infancy.


Seven symptoms of INFANTILE CEREBELLAR-RETINAL DEGENERATION: Developmental delay and intellectual disability, Truncal hypotonia, Athetosis, Seizures, Optic atrophy, Retinal dystrophy, Hearing and vision loss
The main characteristic symptoms include degeneration of ophthalmologic and nervous systems.


The diagnosis of Infantile cerebellar retinal degeneration needs a team approach of a pediatrician, an ophthalmologist, and a neurologist.

After their clinical evaluation, a genetic test is necessary to confirm the causative genetic variant.

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A family tree showing autosomal recessive inheritance pattern of Infantile cerebellar-retinal degeneration.
Infantile cerebellar-retinal degeneration has been found to inherit in an autosomal recessive pattern.


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  2. Since there is no exact cure for Infantile cerebellar-retinal degeneration, only supportive care is known to be provided. Due to progressive neurological deterioration symptoms, the disease often leads to death at an early age.

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