Dr. Kyoungyeul Lee presenting at CAGI event, held at David Brower Center.

In the 6th CAGI(Critical Assessment of Genome Interpretation) Challenges, a global artificial intelligence genomic interpretation contest, 3billion took first place by predicting the rare diseases of 79 patients within the data of The Hospital for Sick Children in Canada.

3billion's AI model recorded 58%, showing a 16%p gap from the 2nd group with a score of 42%, proving 3billion’s competitiveness in the field of artificial intelligence genome interpretation and diagnosis technology.

CAGI is a contest that evaluates the performance of an artificial intelligence model that estimates a patient's diagnosis by inserting a patient's whole genome sequencing (WGS) data, genome expression information (RNA-seq) data, and patient symptom information. It ranks the patients by scoring the degree to which the AI of each team estimates the patient's disease with a certain degree of ranking and certainty.

Dr. Kyoungyeul Lee, the lead researcher of artificial intelligence who led 3billion’s CAGI6 competition, said, “I’m happy to achieve good results in the global AI genome interpretation contest despite a short preparation period. The superior performance lies in the large-scale patient genome data and that we creatively used the artificial intelligence modeling technology. We plan to advance our artificial intelligence technology further to strengthen our global competitiveness.”

3billion CEO Changwon Keum also mentioned, "Based on the objectively verified world-class AI genome interpretation system, we will increase our share of the global rare disease diagnosis market and provide fast and accurate diagnosis services to more patients with rare diseases."

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