Poster of 3billion attending the ESHG 2022 held in Vienna, Austria from June 11 to 14, 2022.

3billion is participating in the 'European Society of Human Genetics Annual Conference(ESHG 2022)' to in Vienna, Austria from June 11 to 14 (local time). ESHG is one of the world’s most renowned conferences in the genomics field, and will be held as an online/offline hybrid event this year, which was held only as an online conference due to COVID-19 in 2021.

At the conference, 3billion interprets customer’s data that have previously been undiagnosed through the genetic testing service of 3billion.

In addition to the existing rare disease genetic testing based on whole exome sequencing (WES), 3billion announced its new genetic testing service based on whole genome sequencing(WGS) at the event.

Dr. Seo Gohun, Chief Medical Officer of 3billion said, “By meeting European doctors and researchers at ESHG, we expect that 3billion will be able to find solutions in the areas of rare disease diagnosis by identifying difficulties faced by both physicians and researchers on-site in the medical field for rare diseases, and get an opportunity to create new research cooperation globally."

For more information about the ESHG Annual Conference, visit the official ESHG website.

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