3billion CEO Changwon Keum poses for a picture at 3billion's office, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

In an interview with Seoul Economic Daily, Changwon Keum, CEO of the genetic analysis technology startup 3billion said, "As AI can increase the efficiency of identifying rare diseases necessary for doctors' final diagnoses, the demand for AI genetic diagnosis will increase."

Traditionally, it takes 20 to 40 hours for a doctor to interpret genetic variations in a patient, and the process is expensive. The AI developed by 3billion, though, takes only five minutes to analyze the generated data and save more than 95% in cost.

Keum said, "The number of patients will reach 8,000 by the third quarter of this year. Since the size data is important in AI service, we aim for 10,000 patients' data within this year."

Keum is thinking ahead to developing new drugs from the accumulated data. "We can discover and verify drugs that act on specific diseases through deep learning. We will grow into a pharmaceutical company that can cover, from A to Z, the diagnosis of rare diseases and their treatment."

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