Let’s take a look at the interview article with ‘Korea Biomedical Review’ of 3billion’s CEO Changwon Keum.

There are many difficulties in diagnosing rare genetic disorders as well as finding cures. Each patient has an average of 100,000 genetic variants, and it is not easy to determine one pathogenic variant that causes a rare genetic disorder.

3billion uses AI and automation technology to reduce time and cost by 99% compared to conventional manual analysis, enabling more accurate diagnosis. Based on such technological competitiveness, 3billion aims to achieve annual sales of 100 billion won by occupying 1% of the global market share within 5 years.

3billion's AI-powered drug development platform is capable of 1) discovering new therapeutic targets 2) creating new drug candidates 3) assessing drug safety.

After passing the technology evaluation for technology special listing last year, 3billion recently completed pre-IPO investment, and a preliminary examination is underway for listing on the KOSDAQ in the first quarter of next year. After the listing, 3billion plans to focus on global commercialization, especially in the US market.


  1. Korea Biomedical Review. [Special]3billion aims to lead genetic diagnosis in global market

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