I think one of the most interesting research data that has come out of Silicon Valley is that when companies are no longer enthusiastic and optimistic about their futures, they stop buying Ping-Pong Tables.
3billion seems like its business is still thriving. Let’s explore our Ping-Pong Tournament.


Match between Sam from team of clinical genetics and CEO Gucci

The kickoff is May 10, Tuesday during Lunchtime.
‘Sam’ looking to extend undefeated run vs Pesky underdog ‘Gucci’


The match between Bioinformatics engineer Sean and Lab engineer Chloe

‘Chole’ tried to close the gap, but just fell short after losing her last two points.

This event has been such a good opportunity for us to mingle and get closer with each other.
It allowed us to let our guard down and believe that some genuinely like me without a hidden agenda by supporting and encouraging during the match.
We can easily break down the invisible barrier between colleagues and inspire us to share our ideas.
Most of all, It is so much FUN.


Kai is announced the final winner of the '2022 3billion Ping-Pong Championships.'

Kai batting Gooreum in the Final, eked out a 3:2 win in the final on May 13.
Kai - 2022, Winner winner, chicken dinner!


Gooreum gave a speech after the big match.

Gooruem remarks “I will face Kai in the next tournament after getting back from paternity leave, hoping for a better result against Kai, because I genuinely love playing."